Optical Delusion

Year composed: 2012

Instrumentation: clarinet in b-flat, violin, cello, 7-string electric guitar*, synthesizer

* – If 7-string electric guitar isn’t available, then it can be substituted by a standard 6-string guitar with the low E-string tuned down to D (scordatura).

Score sample.

Duration (approx.): 9′



Commissioned by and dedicated to Lisa Lipton. Premiered by the Contemporary Portland Orchestra Project (CPOP) with Justin Ralls, conducting.

First performed by CPOP on June 30th 2012 at the Someday Lounge in Portland, Oregon.

Justin Ralls, conductor – Lisa Lipton, clarinet – Travis Chapman, violin – Julian Kasonovic, cello – Brandon Becker, synth – Jay Derderian, electric guitar.


Copyright © Jay Derderian (ASCAP), 2017. All Rights Reserved.


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