In habitus fieri

Year composed: 2012

Instrumentation: piano solo

Duration (approx.): 14′ *


*Includes an optional section. Duration is variable.



This is a companion piece to Mezzonata. I don’t know if you’d call it a sequel, or a second act, or what, but there are definite thematic and structural relationships between them.


The extended techniques (such as strumming inside the piano) have been omitted from this recording mainly because it’s a MIDI rendering, and I don’t know Finale well enough to configure the playback to sound like that. There’s also a silence between 9:33 – 9:43, which is a passage requiring some visual action on part of the performer, so unfortunately an audio recording won’t help much with imagining this passage.

Copyright © Jay Derderian Music Publishing (ASCAP), 2018. All Rights Reserved.


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