“New York has always been a hub for creativity–many prominent new music institutions are based there and are doing ground-breaking, dice-rolling work. It’s because of this that finding organizations that are based outside of this hub–especially ones that have been around for several decades–is all the more exciting and refreshing, and the Society for New Music is one of these institutions. “

Music Here & Now” – I Care if You Listen (September 20th, 2017)

“cheap&easy OCTOBER, a noise-opera by Object Collection (Avi Glickstein, Andie Springer, Taylor Levine, Aaron Meicht, and Owen Weaver) is an intense punk-energy infused protest. Written in 2015, the opera is based on interviews about the aftermath of the Gezi Park Protests in Turkey, as well as Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution…”

Composer Collective Albums: Object Collection” – I Care if You Listen (May 18th, 2017)

“Founded in 2003, Ensemble Pamplemousse was created to “provide a focal point for like-minded creators with a thirst for sonic exploration.” This sonic exploration recently coalesced into an extraordinary video album titled …This is the Uplifting Part, a collection of compositions written and performed by Ensemble Pamplemousse.”

Composer Collective Albums: Ensemble Pamplemousse” – I Care if You Listen (May 11th, 2017)

Eleonore Oppenheim‘s debut album Home is a showcase of diverse compositions and approaches to writing for the bass. Her self-description of being a “musical omnivore and polyglot” are indeed appropriate labels; her performances on this CD are nuanced, sensitive, and speak to each composer’s voice with attentive care–Oppenheim is clearly at home with each one of them.”

Home: Eleonore Oppenheim’s Debut Album – I Care if You Listen (February 15th, 2017)

“Vierk’s music is at once very personal and wide-reaching: speaking to the subtleties of timbre and the spaces between notes and reaching for expression that is just beyond language.”

Beyond Language – I Care if You Listen (March 1st, 2016)

“The intonation of the spoken word is a natural underscore to communication. Writing music alongside (or underneath) something so familiar yet so immeasurable is an interesting compositional challenge.”

“Music Meets Prosody” – Third Angle (October 28th, 2015)

“Composition is such a solitary act. So much so that we can easily forget just how huge and diverse the new music community is becoming. Old camps have dissolved into the poly-stylistic hodgepodge that is our new music scene.”

“The Brooklyn Rider Almanac” – I Care if You Listen (May 6th, 2015)

“…Sometimes, though, I lose track of the fact that I live in an amazing town for new music, and fEARnoMUSIC’s inaugural Locally Sourced Sounds concert last Friday night was a refreshing reminder that local composers can still team up with world-class musicians and make real magic happen.”

“Fear No Excellence” – Oregon Arts Watch (December 16th, 2014)