MMM 2014 Press

A preview of the upcoming INAUGURAL ASSEMBLY concert

“Composers and musicians from opposite ends of the Willamette will celebrate new connections between two river communities when the Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (ECCE) and the Contemporary Portland Orchestra Project (CPOP) join forces for a March Music Moderne concert on March 8 at Portland’s AudioCinema studios. Organized by ECCE director Andrew Stiefel, OCF members John Goforth and Matt Zavortink, and CPOP composers Jay Derderian, Lisa […]

Awards MMM 2014

ECCE and CPOP Awarded a Project Grant!

I’m very happy to announce that thanks to Andrew Stiefel‘s amazing grant writing abilities, our project – the upcoming “Inaugural Assembly” concert – has been awarded a Project Grant from New Music USA! The project [Note: Location and benificiary of concert has changed, but the essence remains the same.] The full details can be read […]