Common Threads awarded RACC Artistic Focus Grant

I’m happy to announce that my commissioning project, Common Threads, has been awarded an Artistic Focus Grant by the Regional Arts and Culture Council! The project aims to commission four Portland composers to write a short composition (ca. 2-3 minutes) based off common source material from Bagatelle Sans Tonalitie by Franz Liszt for the intrepid musicians of fEARnoMUSIC, lead by artistic director Kenji Bunch.

The spirit of community, diversity, and collaboration is a driving force behind my project and I’m very excited to be able to bring it to life!

Read more about RACC’s recent awards here.

ECCE and CPOP Awarded a Project Grant!

I’m very happy to announce that thanks to Andrew Stiefel‘s amazing grant writing abilities, our project – the upcoming “Inaugural Assembly” concert – has been awarded a Project Grant from New Music USA!

The project

[Note: Location and benificiary of concert has changed, but the essence remains the same.]

The full details can be read here.