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Join me for this week’s #musochat: Online Presence

I have the pleasure of hosting this week’s #musochat discussion! I’m looking forward to a lively and informative discussion, so without further ado… This week’s topic: Online Presence Description: The Internet has irrevocably changed the landscape of communication and the ability to share ideas (#musochat is a perfect example). The Internet and Social Media has […]

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The Measured And Unmeasured

Prosody is a term used by linguists to talk about the function of intonation, tone, stress, and rhythm in speech. It’s something we’re all very familiar with; a particular inflection can make something sound sarcastic, declarative, timid, or sensual. It’s the properties of speech that lie outside the rules of grammar that can influence a […]

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On My Fifth String Quartet

Many composers write their pieces as solutions to problems or questions they pose for themselves, and I’m no exception. Nearly every piece I’ve written has been an attempt at approaching some sort of dilemma I’ve conjured up from who knows where. The problem (or question) could be a kind of formal shape, a rhythmic pattern, a harmonic idea… you […]