Child Of The Sun

Year composed: 2017-2018

Instrumentation: mezzo-soprano, flute, and harp

Duration (approx.): 10′


Commissioned by and dedicated to the Seen/Heard Trio.

And to our daughter, Veda. Welcome to the world.

Mezzo range – G3 – Bb4



Vedavearre’s Lullaby, by Tri’ah Derderian

Child of the sun, born of the moon

You illuminate the world around you

May you forever feed on the honey-drop stars

May you always feel wild and alive beneath the moonlight

May you dance to the songs of the forest and lend your voice to its chorus

May you give yourself to the whispers of the elements

May you never doubt that the love held for you is fierce and unrelenting

May you find no limit to your dreaming

The day you were born, the birds danced across the sky, twirling and toppling, as they inhaled your beauty

The butterflies fluttered their wings, racing across the hills and forests, desperate to share the news of your magnificence

The most fair of fairies, blushed and bowed their heads at the sight of you, they flew across mountains and seas, to sing the song of your name

The trees outstretched their limbs and offered their leaves to find your fragile hands

The flowers unfolded to embrace you, they bowed their fragrant heads to lay their lips upon your enchanting face

Oh, child of the sun, born of the moon

You illuminate the world around you

The crown jewel of all that sparkles and shines in the morning light

Because of you, night is now bright

Your voice ignites the dormant mountains, calling to them in their beds, pulling them from their slumber, stroking their sleepy heads

Magnificent child, you radiate the rivers

You set your parents’ hearts on fire

Oh, glorious gift to the world, composed of perfect love and stardust

You emerged from dreams, night songs, and sorcery

The love felt for you is alive and will forever burn

Oh, child of the sun, born of the moon

You illuminate the world around you

Copyright © Jay Derderian Music Publishing (ASCAP), 2018. All Rights Reserved.


By Jay

Composer, guitarist, husband, father, pun enthusiast.